ARB Bulkhead Fitting – New Type – 6mm Pipe


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The 170114 is the newest version of the bulkhead fitting kit for the ARB Air Locker. This bulkhead kit is for the larger 6mm airline (and the 3.5mm copper pipe that comes fitted internally in the Air Locker). The kit also features the new banjo style 90° fitting for tight installations. This kit fits the RD99CE (35 spline) RD249CE (40 spline) Air Lockers fitted to ford 9” and 10” differentials. You can also use this kit to upgrade standard ARB locking differentials (that are supplied with 5mm airline fittings) to use 6mm airline – It is advisable to do the swap over with the differential removed from the axle. Contains: Banjo bolt, Banjo washers (x2), Banjo elbow, Compression fittings, O-rings (x2), spacer, Bulkhead body, Push-in fitting. Does not include 6mm airline