Goodwinch Bow Motor 1 (12 and 24 Volt)


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Available in either 12V or 24V. Producing 5.6HP at 4,000rpm.

Compact and Powerful, the Bow Motor 1 is a direct motor replacement for most standard winches. These motors offer greater low speed and mid range torque, and have a slower off line retrieval speeds than the Warn XP or Bow Motor 2.

The Bow Motor 1 is a very resilient motor and is favoured for “Over-Volting” (this is when 24V is passed through 12V motors) by many top crews.

If fitting to the older Warn 8274 with a key way type armature shaft, then you will also need to replace the pinion gear with the later type Splined Pinion Gear.

Benefits of the 5.6HP Bow Motor are:
• 5.6HP providing great power & torque,
• 4,000rpm Off Load Speed,
• Impressive reliability,
• Lower power consumption (Compared to Warn XP 6HP motor),
• Great value price tag,
• Available in both 12 & 24 Volt – Please select your required voltage from the ‘Options’ tab,

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