Branik Legacy 1480 Universal Joint


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Branik Legacy Pro Series 1480 Universal Joint. Machined, heat treated, cryogenic treated, and surface treated. Made for the racer or hard-core off-roader with the common 1480 Dana 60 Style axle shaft. These joints are physically Stronger than the CTM joint as they do not have an internal bronze bushing. The spider radial diameter is 1 3/32″ which is 9.38 % more than the CTM joint. These joints are for boys and girls that want to play hard. Steel on Steel design with clearance for grease. We recommend these are greased daily. We use and recommend Swepco 123 grease. Each kit includes: 1 x Crosses 4 x Caps 4 x O-Rings 4 x Circlips 4 x Grease fittings