CTM Dana 60 300m Universal Joint


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The CTM Racing ® Dana 60 U-Joint is branded as ‘the last U-Joint you ever have to buy!’ and are affirm favourite of Gigglepin racing and used on Bad Penny. The patented CTM joint is unique in that it has a bronze bushing (bearing) to help eliminate wear while still allowing great strength. The bronze bush also acts as a wear zone so as long as the cross or caps are intact then the seals bushings and clips can be replaced indefinitely! These Dana 60 CTM Racing U-Joint are designed for use with full circle circlips which means you will need to install them into some high quality CHROME-MOLY axle shafts such as Spidertrax, Curries, Dynatrac. We recommend daily greasing using Swepco 123 grease. Each kit contains: 1 x Cross 4 x Caps 4 x O-Rings 4 x Circlips 4 x Grease fittings