Gigglepin Pro 150 XL Powerbars for Bow Motor 2


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This kit contains all parts necessary to allow the fitment of our Pro 150 Solenoids to the back of your Bow 2 Winch Motor.

Solid insulated copper bars designed to link your motors to your solenoids to ensure you have full electrical power available at your winch motors.

If you’re looking to really ramp up the capability of your winch, look no further. These XL PowerBars provide almost double the surface area of our standard PowerBars, meaning that much more power can be sent to the motors more efficiently.

Available for Single or TwinMotor applications – Please select whether you require a kit for a SingleMotor or a TwinMotor, in the ‘Options’ tab. This item is the Bow Motor 2 Kit Only. Please note, this kit does not include the Gigglepin Pro 150 Albright Solenoid.

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