Gwyn Lewis Heavy Duty Cranked Rear Trailing Arms


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Fits:- Defender 90/110/130, Discovery 1, RRc, standard to 4″ suspension lifts.   They are a must have for any Land Rover that is used off road, as the standard arms are just not strong enough to cope with all the axle and suspension twisting. using 43mm x 5mm wall tube on the outside and 28mm x 3.5mm wall on the inside, these arms are sand blasted and are double powder coated 1 primer and 2 top coat Blue. They are twin wall, 43mm O/D heavy duty 5mm steel tube and have a cranked end to improve articulation, they come complete with the bush in the axle end and a new nut on the chassis end, the axle end is offset welded to stop the arm fouling the axle mounting on full suspension dropout, suitable for standard to 4 inch suspension lifts. On older RRc you will require a chassis bush as the older ones had imperial threads and the bush has a smaller hole in it, if you are unsure, on the older ones a 24mm spaner fits the nut on the chassis end, ours are metric M20 and a 30mm spanner fits the nut on the chassis end, most of the ones are metric.