Gwyn Lewis Heavy Duty Track Rod Steering Guard


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Fits:- all Defenders / Disco 1 / RRC ( will now fit with a Anti-Roll Bar ) This guard will protect your rear steering bar, the one behind the front axle, a must have if you go over tree stumps or large rocks that will catch the track rod bar, these guards are money well spent, you wont be disappointed, you wont have to worry about your track rod bar again. These Track Rod Guards bolt onto your front axle using the existing bolts and mounting points on the axle, with the earlier front axle that does not have the anti roll bar brackets fitted to the axle, 2 mounting plates are provided to attach to the front trailing arm mounting bolts to make the guard more secure. **NOTE** For Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic you will need to relocate your Steering Damper from the Rear Track Rod on to the Front Drag Link the same as it is on a Defender. This is a much better location for the Damper as on the Rear Track Rod it is easily caught and damaged when off road. Please see below for the kits to do this. This guard can also be fitted if you have a QT diff guard, all you do is cut the back off the QT diff guard, drill 2 holes in it and then it will bolt onto our track rod guard, there is a bracket welded to our track rod guard ready for the QT diff guard. Most heavy duty track rod arms and our own SUMOBARS will fit inside these guards to give the ultimate steering protection for the rear track rod bar, the rear track rod bar is the first thing you bend when you go off roading, you can even bend a heavy duty steering arm without one of these guards fitted, it also has a skid plate on the front part to help you lift over rocks and tree stumps. There is also no need to remove the track rod ends to fit or remove the track rod bar from inside the guard as there should be ample room inside. To remove the track rod bar out of the guard, undo the R/H track rod end and loosen from hub, turn steering full lock to the right and lift out the track rod end, do the same to the L/H side turn steering full lock to the left and lift track rod end out, now the track rod arm and track rod ends should pull out through the guard, the same applies for fitting The guard is galvanized for corrosion resistance.