Inboard Seal Kit – 40-45 Spline For all Spider 9 Axles


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Key advantages include:   The CNC machined 6061T6 aluminum seal housing is fully rebuildable. Both o-rings and axle shaft seals are available separately so servicing your seals is not only possible, but cost effective.   Three o-rings secure the aluminum seal housing inside the Spider 9 axle tube. The aluminum seal housing installs toward the differential side of the housing, so oil stays completely out of the axle tubes.   The 1.2″ ID high performance axle shaft seals (two are already pre-installed for you) are designed to accommodate all Spidertrax axle shafts from 40 to 45 spline. They are so stretchy in fact that they also handle almost any kind of axle shaft misalignment.   Using the included set screw, each aluminum seal housing is designed to be securely locked inside the Spider 9 housing. This way you know the seal housing stays where it is supposed to when you install your axle shafts. This Spidertrax High Performance Oil Seal Kit is  designed to work with 1/4″ tube thickness Spider 9 axle housings for 9/10 in. gears.  Each kit comes with one aluminum seal housing, three o-rings, two pre-installed high performance axle seals, and set screw.