Lazer Triple-R 850 Elite-3 LED Spotlight


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Triple-R 850 Elite-3 LED Spotlight Incorporating much of the same component technologies as used in our 2018/9 WRC lighting solutions, the Triple-R 850 Elite, 3rd Generation, is a high-performance auxiliary LED driving light, that leaves nothing to the imagination. Featuring dual-output E-Boost functionality to ensure the lamp is optimised for both on and off-road lighting performance, in Boost mode the lamp generates 6,760 raw lumens and 1 lux to an astonishing 580m. Impressive performance considering the lamps relatively diminutive proportions; measuring just 322mm in length. While the distance illumination may grab the attention it is really in the mid to long-range distribution of light at the sides of the road/track where the Triple-R 850 Elite now really stands apart. A combination of highly efficient LEDs on the one hand delivers unrivalled distance illumination, while on the other, provides for the increased left/right spread illumination. Moreover, a reduced up/down spread of light when compared to the equivalent Standard Triple-R product, means proportionately less light hitting the road directly in-front of the vehicle, particularly when the lamps are mounted low down, close to the ground. With this light distribution optimised utilising the latest and most sophisticated CAD design and light simulation software, coupled with extensive testing and feedback across the road and professional motorsport sectors, there really is no compromises made in regards lighting performance or reliability. In pursuing the goal of designing, engineering, and manufacturing the ultimate road-legal auxiliary driving light, we have left no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfection; from the distribution of light, to the carefully selected 5000 kelvin colour temperature proven to improve sharpness and definition of the road ahead, to the advanced electronics and material design which drives the high-end styling of the lamps and superior build quality, this is a product to bot