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The Linear-12 is an ECE approved, road-legal versatile and economical auxiliary lighting solution which can be installed either as a single lamp or in pairs (dependent on country-specific regulations). Providing a significant upgrade when compared with any OE headlamps, the Linear-12 is ideal for passenger vehicles where the lamp(s) are being mounted low down at the front of the vehicle. Utilising 12x highly efficient 3W LEDs, the Linear-12 delivers 4,500 lumens, and 1 Lux to near 350m, this with minimal power consumption of 42W and with a current draw of 2.9Amps. The light distribution can be best described as ‘wide’ which taking nothing away from the enviable distance illumination, does provide for a comfortable left/right spread of light, with a comparatively lower up/down spread (when compared to the equivalent ST or Triple-R product), that makes the Linear-12 especially well suited to lower install positions, such as vehicle grille or number plate mounting. At just 370mm in length, and with an aluminium body measuring just 40mm in height, and weighing 800grams, this is an auxiliary LED light that can be subtly integrated onto any everyday road vehicle without compromising the vehicle aesthetics. A borderless polycarbonate front lens allows for improved aero performance and prevents build-up of ice/snow/dirt that might otherwise interfere with the light distribution. Automotive grade corrosion resistance, alongside stainless steel brackets and fasteners, ensures the high-end styling of the lamps themselves stays in prime condition for many years to come. Key Features Economical solution for everyday road use Vacuum-metallised optics deliver wide spread of light Reduced up/down spread of light suits lower mounting positions Highly efficient 3W LED technology Sleek, low profile design facilitates installation Electronic thermal management ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens ECE approved for on-road use IP67 watertight 5 year warranty Supplied with male/female connect