‘PolyBoot’ – Polyurethane Boot for steering ball joints


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These are replacement Track Rod End Boots made from Polyurethane. A common problem with Rubber Track Rod End Boots these days is perishing/cracking, Rubber doesn’t seem to be what it used to be. Polyurethane will not perish/crack like normal Rubber so will give a much longer service life. These boots are Double Convoluted which allows them to move/flex more without stretching. Fits :- Our HD Greasable Track Rod Ends, Original Lemforder Track Rod Ends (for Defender, Disco1, RRC and Disco2), Anti Roll Bar link Arms and Defender Drop Arm Ball Joints. We also have these to Fit A-Frame Ball Joints, please click HERE to see them Fitting, you can remove and refit the coil clips by either using a small screwdriver to carefully wind the clip round the boot or use a zip tie to wind the coil clips round the boot. Screwdriver :- You need to carefully pick up one end of the larger coil clip using a small flat head screwdriver and then wind the clip round the original Rubber Boot to lift it out of its recess, your original coil clip can then be used to fit your new PolyBoot.

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Gwyn Lewis