Wipac LED Clear Light Kit


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This fantastic kit converts the standard (and rather dim) side, stop tail and indicator lamps over to a brighter cleaner LED version. Complete with a new adjustable indicator relay, this kit is a direct fit onto any post 1994 Land Rover Defender (300Tdi onwards). If you have a pre 300 Tdi Land Rover, these will still fit straight on, but you will also need to order 6x 0-012-52 connectors and 2x 0-012-53 connectors to join them to your existing wiring. Advantages as follows: Supplied with Stainless fixing screws Brighter light output Fresh, clean look No more tedious bulb changes Lower current draw Supplied in the kit: 2x Red LED Stop/Tail Lamps 2x Clear LED Front Side Marker Lamps 4x Orange LED Indicator Lamps 1x Adjustable Indicator Relay Stainless steel fixing screws